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Enlitic, Inc. (“Enlitic”) is the world’s first medical deep learning company. For its unique algorithms, engineered from the ground up by renowned data scientists, machine learning practitioners, and medical experts, it was named one of the world’s “50 Smartest Companies” by MIT Tech Review. By combining medical images, texts, and other data, Enlitic’s technology leverages billions of clinical cases to accelerate pharmaceutical research and drug trials, drive clinical efficiencies, and improve diagnostic accuracy, speed and patient outcomes. Enlitic is headquartered in San Francisco, California.



Innovation Partner

Standigm builds artificial applicable intelligence in drug discovery and repositioning areas. We provide drug candidates and their treatment mechanisms predicted by our AI on huge datasets to partner pharmaceutical companies for development. StandigmAI satisfies not only predictability but also interpretability, physiology level candidate filtering and patent strategy through its sub AI components. Standigm now work together with five Korean partner companies and institutions for cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, autism and NASH respectively.


Exhibition Partner

Kognitic (renamed from CiLogik) is a New Jersey based Software Company which designs an innovative web based decision engine tool for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies, thus helping them develop critical drug development strategies. Our patent pending Analytics Engine and algorithms were developed using the latest in web application development and database technology to help companies make sense of the vast amount of clinical trials data from disparate sources more intuitively and efficiently.



Meeting Partner

e-therapeutics is an Oxford-based company with a unique and powerful computer-based drug discovery platform and a specialised approach to network biology. Our novel methodology and our Discovery Engine allow us to discover new and better drugs in a more efficient and effective way.



Part of Healthtech Publishing, Bio-IT World provides outstanding coverage of cutting-edge trends and technologies that impact the management and analysis of life sciences data, including next-generation sequencing, drug discovery, predictive and systems biology, informatics tools, clinical trials, and personalized medicine. Through a variety of sources, including, Weekly Update Newsletter and the Bio-IT World News Bulletins, Bio-IT World is a leading source of news and opinion on technology and strategic innovation in the life sciences, including drug discovery and development.

PM360 is the premier, must-read monthly magazine for marketing decision makers in the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. PM360 is the only journal that delivers practical how-to marketing information necessary for product managers/pharma marketing professionals to succeed in the complex and regulated healthcare environment.


The leading global provider of thought leadership and insight dedicated to the pharma/healthcare industry the pharmaphorum channels bring together news, analysis and expert perspectives from all stakeholders in health, including commercial providers, healthcare professionals and patients. This thought-provoking content keeps the pharmaceutical industry informed and connected, driving collaboration and innovation. Our unique output is accessed via and also our quarterly journal Deep Dive

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