Day One

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Wednesday July 26, 2017

Day Two
Thursday July 27, 2017

Registration & Breakfast

Chair’s Opening Remarks

Analyzing the Value & Scope of AI to Enhance Pharma Innovation

Discover: Understanding the Value of AI Application in Pharma R&D

  • David Christie Vice President, Research & Development Informatics, Amgen


  • Harnessing AI technology to elevate decision making across the R&D pipeline
  • Separating the hype from reality: In the current climate where is the true value of AI technology in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Discussing how AI can deliver unique information in unique ways to provide valuable insight throughout R&D

Discover: How AI can be Implemented in Key Areas of Failure Along the R&D Pipeline: A Technology Perspective


  • What is AI and what are the strengthens and limitations?
  • How to handle data and IT infrastructure to better leverage AI.
  • What are the cultural changes needed to allow AI to make the largest impact.
  • Understanding what is possible: Showcasing the value of AI technology to the pharmaceutical industry

Discover: Artificial Applicable Intelligence in Drug Discovery and Repositioning


  • Showcasing Standigm’s business interface
  • Discussing which properties are necessary to make artificial applicable intelligence
  • Understanding how Standigm is achieving artificial applicable intelligence
  • Evaluating current progress in drug candidate validation

Discuss: How AI Technology can Accelerate, Cheapen and De-Risk R&D


  • Understanding the capability of AI: Where is the ceiling?
  • Keeping apace with developments: Discussing the most exciting industry advances
  • Investigating the strengths and weaknesses of machine learning, deep learning and cognitive for R&D specific applications
  • What novel questions can we now ask of our data using AI to advance R&D pipelines?

Speed Networking and Morning Refreshments

Overcoming the Intersection of AI & Biology to Streamline the Application of AI in Pharma

Discover: Showcasing the Application of AI to Unravel Human Disease Complexity


  • Unlocking disease aetiology and pathogenesis through AI technology
  • Discussing how AI will drive advances in solving fundamentals of biology
  • Unlocking the complexity: How AI can transform drug pipelines by elucidating the complexity of biology

Discover: Artificial Intelligence for Personalized Medicine


  • Small data, big data and infinite data: Discussing phenotype as the result of dynamic interactions of drug-dose combination (big data) with patient specific omics (big data) to form an infinite database
  • Evaluating the link between the phenotypic outputs and drug-dose inputs as a Parabolic Response Surface (PRS) allowing us to hone in the most potent combinatorial drug from a very large search space for a specific patient
  • Discussing challenges and opportunities for artificial intelligence

Discuss: Discussing the Collision of Two Powerhouse Industries to Harmonize AI Application in the Pharmaceutical Industry


  • Speaking two different languages: How can we streamline line the biology and tech universes?
  • Improving the tech understanding of the R&D process and the pharma understanding of limitations and opportunities for AI utilisation
  • How do you unlock biology using AI?
  • How do you support discovery and development using AI?
  • Investigating how AI can advance in silico modelling to improve pre-clinical translational modelling

Adoption & Acceptance: Key Cultural Challenges in the Application of AI in Pharma

Lunch and Networking

Discover: Why Has AI Been MIA in Pharma & What Can it Do for Us Today?


  • Illustrate how AI and machine learning have impacted other industries
  • Suggest reasons why pharma has been slow to embrace these technologies
  • Highlight examples of their successful application and transformative power in pharma

Discover: Accelerating the Integration of AI in into Pharmaceutical DNA

  • Jeremy Sohn Vice President, Global Head of Digital Business , Development & Licensing, Novartis
  • Remy Evard Global CIO, Novartis Institute for BioMedical Research


  • Building up the capability to adopt, integrate and execute AI programs in R&D
  • Driving strategic buy in into AI technology
  • How do we marry the rigidity of pharma R&D with the disruptiveness of AI technology to drive innovation from drug discovery through to clinical development?

Discuss: Revolutionizing Pharmaceutical Culture and Process Towards the Integration of AI

  • Jeremy Sohn Vice President, Global Head of Digital Business , Development & Licensing, Novartis
  • Ray Liu Senior Director & Head, Statistical Innovation & Consultation, Takeda
  • Remy Evard Global CIO, Novartis Institute for BioMedical Research


  • Overcoming the cultural fear of AI adoption: Why does this exist and how do we combat it?
  • How do we make the integration of AI technology smooth and seamless?
  • How can we better align data science, IT, computational, modelling and traditional R&D functions to improve the implementation of AI technology?
  • Building a data science function for AI from scratch: What are the do’s and don’ts for success?
  • A skills agenda – How do we attract more of the right talent to pharma?
  • Do we have enough data science/computational specialists at the appropriate positions within pharma?
  • Accelerating the integration of programmers and data scientists into pipeline and workflows

Afternoon Refreshments

AI Pharma Innovation Breakout Roundtables

Debate: Overcoming Fear in the Cultural Adoption of AI Along Pharma R&D


  • Strategies for integrating AI into the standard R&D paradigm
  • How to best change cultural influences to expedite the adoption of AI in pharma

Interactive Roundtable Session


Our breakout roundtables will allow you to have more intimate discussions with AI and pharma leaders around some of the hottest topics in the field. Discover multiple perspectives on these key issues, so that you can learn from your fellow experts in the audience. Drive your own learning, crowd-source ideas and get inspired. Immerse yourself in the following discussions:

1) Practical and current deployments of AI in the pharmaceutical industry by emerging players in Silicon Valley

Moderator: Sally Daub, CEO, Enlitic, Inc.


2) How do you build a business model based on AI technology in the pharma space?

Moderator:  Brandon Allgood, CTO, Numerate & Guido Lanza, CEO, Numerate


 3) Algorithms and architecture: Comparing the value of different AI algorithms in R&D

 Moderator: Armaghan Naik, Director, Innovation, Sanofi


Chair’s Closing Remarks

End of Day One