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Strategically Adopt & Effectively Apply AI to De-Risk Drug Discovery & Development & Deliver Better & More Cost Effective Medicines Faster

Unsustainable. The one word frequently used to describe the current failure rates and level of innovation taking place throughout pharmaceutical R&D. With pipelines drying up and patents expiring, the industry is crying out for innovation. 

Whilst AI is not a new concept, it has newly broken into the mainstream conscious of drug developers as it matures and proves tangible value to transform and accelerate traditional drug development. The question is not will AI be the future of the industry, but how will AI shape this future?

The AI Pharma Innovation Summit will showcase the real world application and impact of AI, machine learning, deep learning and cognitive approaches to unlock insight and value along the drug discovery and development pipeline to deliver better medicines with better outcomes.

Meet experts and leaders from large pharma, biotech, technology companies and academic institutions who are all capitalizing on AI technologies to boost innovation and make smarter R&D decisions and investments.

Benefits Of Attending

Uncover where AI can bring value to your pipeline

Define the scope of benefit that AI technology can bring to numerous facets of the R&D pipeline to accelerate, de-risk and cheapen drug candidate development

Apply AI along drug discovery and development

Learn how to apply and validate the utility of AI from those who have real world success case studies

Revolutionize the value of “big data” using AI

Understand how AI can be applied to gain valuable and previously untapped knowledge from vast data sets

Harmonize the intersection of AI technology and biological data

Unravel the complexity of disease biology through AI to transform your drug candidate pipeline

Drive the cultural adoption of AI in your company

Overcome cultural and infrastructure barriers to streamline the adoption and integration of AI in your company


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